First of all, we suggest you to calm your senses, as you must have visited this page because you already envisioned grandeur on your D-day along with the heavy lifting involved in it.

Some couples and their families choose to make their own plans and execute them in their own pace. But is it really practical to think about the backup plan for the specialty rentals whilst exchanging the wedding vows. We guess not, because, it’s your day. You are supposed be just yourself, and not some a la carte wedding planner, who is looking after every in and out.

Besides, wedding planning need top levels of organizing and arrangements; which might not be the strong suit for any of your family members. So pamper yourself and let your dear ones strut their stuff at the Baraat, because taking help from a professional will make things a lot easier, and we bet “grand” too.


If the thought of tiring visits to vendors and logistic companies does not send shivers down your spine, then you are truly gifted. But here is a reality check for those who think, they will manage if they plan in advance. Those couples need a wedding planner:

  • Who are professionals and can’t skip their work to pay attention to every detail 24*7 for upcoming 6 months.
  • Who wants a fairytale wedding at a dream destination, but dread to think about the big chores of venue selections.
  • Who are deadline oriented but are way behind their checklists and schedules.
  • Who feel overwhelmed when it comes to décor, henna, rentals, caterers, music, and gifts and so on.

There might be some knowledgeable friends or family members, who can guide you with some of the tasks. But for a full fledged and hassle free wedding planning, like your favorite movie or for a celebrity style wedding, you might need suggestions from your newlywed friends, who hired a wedding planner.

FAQs about Professional Wedding Planning

To hire or not to hire, that’s the question!
It’s pretty OK if you are wrestling with doubts about wedding planning with professional help. Here is a list of frequently asked questions that will make the skies clear for you:

1What is the importance of getting married with the help of a professional?
Well, a planner is sort of more important than a priest in a wedding. A professional is well versed with the in-depth know how of weddings, and have already there with a hands-on experience.
2Do my wedding needs to be expensive for getting professional assistance?
Certainly not, wedding planners are specially trained personnel with a keen eye for budget handlings.
3Do wedding planners arrange bespoke weddings just like we want?
For sure; a team of innovative and creative members is specifically recruited by the wedding planners, who handpick each of the stuff that gels well with your choice.
4Who will take the reins to finalize everything?
A wedding planner is a stress buster that you will hire to ease your anxieties. These professionals will guide you in every decision, and will stay as flexible as possible to keep your final choices up.

Be certain about all your wedding concerns, because this is what we are expert at. Hence, consider hiring a wedding planner if you want to make it your best day ever.

Job of a Wedding Planner: Some Real Facts

The job of a wedding planner is just like your bestie, whose role is to cool you off from the day of venue selections to the moment of tying the knots. To be more precise and reasonable about the wedding planning charges below are some eye popping facts:

  • To make sure that you don’t compromise while choosing your favorite location for destination wedding, a wedding planner have at least 10 trips to find a suitable location.
  • To make sure that you don’t hit a snag with catering, reception, décor and entertainment, a wedding planner with its staff of 50+ personnel will work for 400 man hours on an average.
  • To make sure that every appointment and payment submission is on time, a wedding planner makes approx 935 phone calls to the vendors, to logistic companies and of course to you.

The charges of professional wedding planning are not an iota compared to the peace of mind you’ll get to enjoy your special moments. To cut a long story short, if you want to avoid earthshaking blowouts on your D-day then the next thing in your to-do-list should be an interview with a wedding planner.