Rajput-era Palaces, Picturesque Lakes and Most Admired Inspiration for Romantic Poets! -UDAIPUR

A Royal Wedding in Udaipur, the most romantic outdoor venue for couples envisioning a Big-Fat Indian Wedding in Maharaja Style, is elevated by the expertise of the Best event management in Udaipur. This city, a perfect blend of heritage and urbanization, offers unmatched settings for Palatial Wedding Destinations in Rajasthan.

Resting amidst the ridges of wooded Aravali Hills, this magnificent city was founded by Maharaja Udai Singh II and tagged as the “most romantic spot” in the Indian sub continent by Colonel James Tod. Along with beautifully restored heritage venues, Udaipur’s attraction includes storybook wedding venues featuring splendid lake views, royal hospitality, vintage cars to pick guests and contemporary amenities to make your pledge lifelong commitment pledging just perfect.

Professional Take on Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Couples who wish an extravagant escape from the cacophony of overcrowded metros pick Destination Wedding in Udaipur as the preferred option, because:

Location: The city is located in the Southern region of Rajasthan, near Gujarat borders, and well connected by rail, road and air to all major cities in the country, including, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai.

Amenities: Besides the rich heritage and unique culture, the city has touched the pace of modern times, and this can be seen in the luxurious amenities of 5 Star Hotels and Resorts in Udaipur that attracts overseas couples for destination wedding.

Tourism: The land of picturesque beauty, azure lakes and fantastical palaces, Udaipur has special attraction for national as well as global tourists. Be it the royal culture, mesmerizing heritage décor, the cuisine or folk dance in the historic pavilions of the City Palace, Udaipur offers unique opportunity for the couple and their family.

Budget: Surrounded by breathtaking heritage venues and modern hotels & resorts, Udaipur is considered as the most Budget Friendly Wedding Destination in India. Our Destination Wedding Packages in Udaipur cater to various budgets ensuring everyone to get the most magical experience without breaking the bank.


Stunning Backdrop: In the stunning backdrop of Udaipur, a Royal Wedding is surely to be pretty scenic; there is mysticism to the tranquil Lake Pichola. Our role as the best Wedding Planner in Udaipur is to bring this magic to life, weaving together the hotels and resorts nestled around the lake and at the rugged foothills of Aravali Hills, creating a spellbound effect that truly makes it one of the fabled settings for a fairytale wedding.


Udaipur is the best spot for a destination wedding because it's super romantic and has lots to offer. There are stunning landscapes, beautiful lakes, and cool natural spots. Plus, there are luxury palaces and top-notch hotels where you can have your wedding. Whether you're already thinking about your wedding or not, Udaipur has plenty of reasons to make it your destination. Here are a few:

  • Beautiful scenery.
  • Lovely lakes and natural areas.
  • Amazing palaces.
  • Luxury resorts and hotels.
  • Easy flights from major cities in India.


    Udaipur is a popular spot for destination weddings, where you can fulfill your dream of getting married in a stunning location. Once you've decided on Udaipur for your wedding, the big question is: how much will it cost? Well, the cost can vary depending on where you want to have your wedding and what events you want to include. You could start at around 30 lakhs and go up to 2 crores or even more for a really fancy affair.

    The main expenses for a destination wedding are usually food, accommodation, and events. So, how much you spend will mostly depend on where you choose to have your wedding and what you want to do.

    To stick to your budget, it's important to explore all your options. Even if you have a favorite venue in mind, you should think about things like its location and the atmosphere before making a decision.


    A number of royally refined venues along with modern 5 Star hotels will allow you to create a wedding design that is just you. Here is our take on Top Wedding Venues in Udaipur:


    Best Wedding Planner in Udaipur

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