Destination Weddings in Goa

Sandy beaches, luscious sea food and romantic sunsets, the tropical paradise of your dream wedding shares some similarities with Goa, isn’t it?

Rajasthan and Goa are two most searched locations for a destination wedding, and when you Google “Wedding in Goa” you might feel overwhelmed with the search results exhibiting hundreds of Destination Wedding Planner in Goa, Cost Of Wedding in Goa, liquor, music, photography and certain other packages offered by a Destination Wedding Planning Company in Goa.

Take a deep breath and close those bazillions tabs that you opened in your browser, because you have landed to the right place. We don’t say that we are the best, but we are sure that we can arrange bespoke wedding arrangements just like you saw in your mind's eye.

Why do you need a Destination wedding planner in Goa?

The appealing excitement of getting married at a beach venue is surely a perfect setting for your big day, but the agony is, when you reach Goa, the ambiance captures you into an inevitable urge to relax and have fun with your dear ones. And, by fun we definitely don’t mean to hunting for photographers, florists and local henna artists. It certainly needs a professional touch to host a perfect wedding party in Goa because:

Location: North Goa or South Goa, Indoor or outdoor, Beach Venue or Luxury Resorts? There are around 73 resorts including 20 five star resorts and near a hundred indoor, outdoor, beach, waterfront, cruise, heritage and lounge venues to choose from. The list of options for a perfect wedding location in Goa is pretty long and it’s next to impossible to visit every location and find out the one for you.

Accommodation: Well Goa needs no introduction, and the Goan vibes are much anticipated by beach lovers but the availability of accommodation can become a serious issue if you have saved a date during the peak season, say, the months from October to February.

Cocktail Parties: Owing to the advanced tourism endeavors, you may find sumptuous culinary offerings comprising of both local and international palate, but most of the resorts and wedding venues in Goa won’t permit to bring your own liquor, which eventually tickle the thoughts to mull over the Price of Destination Wedding in Goa.

The Gala Night: which needs music, photographers, décor experts and stylists; all these and much more invigorating options can be selected without burning a hole in your pocket, when you let a professional steer your arrangements.

Goa is the widely visited and chosen location to get hitched by couples from across the country along with couples from overseas; which is why thoughtfully designed wedding packages are accessible to let you truly experience the holiday cum wedding arrangement at Goa.


As said earlier, accommodation is the big thing to worry about, but not when you decided to have us at your back. In fact, getting your desired location is half the job done. Goa is full of fun and features a whopping number of wedding venues, each makes a beautiful locations. Presenting few most admired wedding venues in Goa that will facilitate you to find the perfect setting for your dream wedding:

For many, Goa equates to beaches and sunsets, but for us it means an endeavor to bring forth spectacular wedding set ups backed with stunning ocean views and upscale touches in a moderately sized budget, including music license, elephant procession, Hindu Wedding Rentals, priests, celebrity Henna artists, and much anticipated Goan Bands.

With an effort to flourish as the best Destination wedding planning company in Goa, we are here to embody your passion in a tailor made wedding ceremony. Get in touch with us and start the adventure of planning the Destination Wedding in Goa.