Setting Up a Celebration: Grasp Our Hospitality and Logistics Services

Working on the grounds of Athihti Devo Bhava (the guest is God), Eva Events has set a benchmarking repute as a contributor of hospitality with lots of courteousness along with a dash of professionalism.

As an Event Management and Wedding Planner entity, we know the worth of guest relations and smoothing things via meticulously planned logistics. We, at Eva Events are well favored to organize domestic and international level events and wedding to let our clients involve and engage with their guests.

Hospitality Services by Eva Events

One of the most tedious jobs is to make your guests feel important and contended, whilst getting equipped with tons of tasks for the main event. We know the tricky etiquette secrets to let your guests cherish personal attention. Apart from RSVP, our offered hospitality services include but not limited to:

Hassle Free Transportation: Couples who have tons of other stuff on their plate can seek our help for a proper heads up to get their globally scattered guests at the right destination on the right time. It includes-

o Ticket booking
o Airport helpdesk
o Hotel check-ins

Grand Welcome: Apart from the base arrangements for transportation, we go an extra mile to get that smile on faces of your guests. We make them feel special with our heartwarming welcome style, which includes

o Airport meet and greet
o Welcome hampers at the hotel
o Vintage cars for guest pickup
o Caparisoned horses and elephants

Easy Accommodation: If the event venue is differing from the resort or hotel where the guests will stay, we provide suggestions for rooms with suitable budget, locality and distance and take charge of guest rooming.

o Room reservation
o Protocol host for guests
o 24 hours manned control for room service
o Accommodation assistance

Some More: Our team members are all set to do the ultimate exercise of hospitality. Here are some of our stress less secrets to make an event memorable for your guests and delegates:

o Wedding favors arrangements
o Host and hostess for venue area
o Local transportation and shopping assistance
o Sightseeing facilities

As the best Wedding planning and Event Management Company in Rajasthan, we have mastered the skills to plan a fool-proof program for the utmost comfort of your guests. To see happy instead of bewildered faces of your loved ones experience our signature hospitality.

Logistics Services by Eva Events

Behind the scene chores is our strong suite, it’s our secret to success that we move heaven and earth and might do some overtime to ensure that every requisite element is reached to the site on time. Our offered Logistics Assistance can be summed into these points:

  • Décor Assistance: Guidance and management to streamline the arrival of props on the event site along with florist, decorators, and lighting technicians.
  • Catering Assistance: Who, what, and when of food and beverage arrangement, including suggestions for cuisines and meal times.
  • Wedding Rentals: Efficient delivery and submission of wedding rentals including, décor elements, turbans, bands along with negotiation, management and coordination to avoid vendor disputes.
  • Luggage Management: Special security while transportation and hotel check-ins of luggage of your extended family and friends.

From RSVP ticket booking or room reservation to hydraulic operated bride and groom entries, and venue transportation for delegate meets, we have resources and expertise to efficiently meet up your demands without last minute hiccups. Make a call to enjoy the true bliss of our offered Hospitality and Logistics Services for Events and Weddings.