An Affair to be Cherished Forever

The team of Eva Events is founded on the notions to make the wedding unforgettable, because, it’s a verity that after a point of time your guests will forget the design of your wedding invites or décor arrangement done at the venue, but they’ll memorize only one thing for life, and that’s food.

We are the most reckoned foodies offering sophisticated, elegant and accessible Menu Selection services in Udaipur. Couples from across the country, who wished to opt for something delicious that will delight their loved ones long after the wedding celebrations get benefits from our proficiency. Our tie ups with renowned caterers make us able to:

• Bring forth finest platters prepared by most favorable chefs from all over the country
• Cater specialty food items of the season or region in Destination Weddings
• Best suited options regarding cost considerations and guest list size

If you haven’t hired a wedding planner as the only notion is sitting in your mind is to pay for the services of a catering consultant, then you should think twice. As it’s a fallacy that a catering managers can oversee the ceremony as per your expected event timeline. We are instrumental in providing full time Wedding Planning Services, as well as a la carte Food And Beverage Management Services in Udaipur.

What Makes us Prevail over the Catering Consultants

Any caterer would suggest your trending menu items that you wish to include in your wedding reception dinner, but the agony is they do not coordinate with the rest of the ceremonies. Wedding planners, on the other hand are your personal aide working on the grounds of wedding etiquettes, protocols, reminders and dress rehearsals.

We line up the parties and events with utmost efficiency and consideration to your preferences rather than a long list of “trending now” food items. Our offered services are differing from catering consultants, as we render:


Sky is the limit for creativity, and when it comes to food and beverage for wedding day celebrations, we recommend you to have talks with some professional wedding planners. As we are the personnel ensure no last minute surprises and also arrange services of the well favored Catering Managers for Destination Weddings.

Food and Beverage Management Services

Our team members are eager to culinary indulge you and make your wedding celebrations the unforgettable day of your life. After doing much of homework about the event size, wedding theme, and lifestyle of guests, we offer you following food and beverage management services:

Wedding Menu Selection: Some venues offer international delicacies and mouthwatering regional foods, whereas there are hundreds of chefs in the marketplace that render specialized services for weddings. We provide Menu Selection Services in Udaipur, which include assistance in selection of the best fit menu in lined with:

o Buffet, marquee and sit down dinners.
o Cost consideration
o Palate recommendations
o Master chef referrals

Wedding Menu Layouts and Bar Placement:

The essentials needed for a seamless wedding arrangement include menus based on taste specifications and beverages opted as stated by the guests’ lifestyles. However, we strive to make it more fascinating by giving input for:

o Customized cocktail events
o Unique menu layout plans
o Practical bar counter placement
o Arrangement of talented bar tenders

Wedding Beverage Selection and Stocking: The party starts with most happening wedding toast and cocktail events, which is why most venues provide beverage services. However, we will whole heartedly take charge of the beverage section by:

o Suggesting a list of beverage as per the size of the event
o Referrals for innovative cocktail recipes
o Arrangement of vintage liquors and cordials
o Glass size and type recommendations

Innovative Table Placement: Eva Events is most favored for its inventive services, as our team members put themselves out to bring forth exuberant food design. Besides, we stepped up to the harmonized décor, which includes design assistance for table and buffets:

o Floor plan for functional space
o Cutlery selection guidance
o Exclusive table accessories
o Decor recommendation for trendy themes

Specialized Counters: Needless to say, food plays the starring role in success of a wedding, which is why we draw inspirations from myriad of Indian culture in form of Top Menu Trends in India and recommend impeccable style counters for:

o Renowned Indian desserts
o Local hors d’oeuvre
o Specialized Indian drinks

Meal Time Coordination: Our idea to perform great feasts is timely awareness. Generally Indian Weddings fall for two to three days celebration, with full time meals or canapés only. Our job is to ensure:

o Coordination with chefs’ requirements
o Watch over the food preparation
o On time food presentation
o Time management for prolonged meals

On Site Liaison for Deliverance: Our role is not limited to synchronization of caterers and operations staffs. What provides us the greatest honor of being the most reliable entity for Food and Beverage Management Services in the industry is:

o Assurance for timely arrival of caterers
o Promise of taste and well timed food preparation
o Assistance in hosting liquor liability
o Bar tender monitoring for guest safety

Owing to the groundbreaking imagination with unmatched expertise of our team members, we have become the favorable entity for Menu Selection Services in Udaipur. Get in touch with us to experience the impeccable services and unique food perspective.