Wedding In Jodhpur


Tie the Knots in the Sun City: Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

A mighty city in the Great Indian Thar Desert, Jodhpur is the north Indian state of Rajasthan boasting the splendor of architectural heritage and the blue buzz. Besides, the city is considered as a jewel illuminating Rajasthan in its own glorious chaos. The biggest reason for Destination Weddings in Jodhpur is its shimmering warm weather that remains the same right through the year; which is why it is also known as the Sun city.

Destination Wedding Planner in Jodhpur

If your browser history embodies your hunt for the best Destination wedding planning company in Jodhpur, then your search might end here. We are a bunch of talented people committed to make your D-day special amidst the infinite colors of classic heritage, royalty, and hospitality of Jodhpur. Presenting top raison d'être that have placed Jodhpur on the world map for best wedding destinations:

  • Ideal weather conditions for couples living in colder climate;
  • Connectivity with major cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmadabad, and Mumbai by air, road, railway;
  • Iconic wedding settings with a backdrop rich in history and architecture;
  • Each hotel and resort is a perfect amalgamation of contemporary comforts and palatial layout
  • Option for candid photos at spectacular surroundings of Mehrangarh fort for a pre wedding shoot;
  • The blue painted old city, flea market, desert, food, folk entertainment and a lot more.

Jodhpur is not only a great place for those longing a royal destination wedding; it’s also a picture perfect place for couples, who want to spend some quality time with their dear ones amidst the serene nature and golden desert.

Price of Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

The second largest city in the state Rajasthan, Jodhpur has become one of the most preferred locations for wedding destinations, as it only reflects the culture of valor, but also serves the chance to host fairytale weddings with tailored budgets. Few points to consider when talking about the cost of wedding in Jodhpur:

The best part of weddings in Jodhpur is that the top rated venues offer wedding packages that can be customized.

Generally speaking, a destination wedding in Jodhpur costs between 7-20 lakh per day celebration, which depends upon the selected venue.

A nominal wedding package will include banquet set up for two to three days’ function, décor, music, and reception dinner. Booking for hotel rooms and suites will be charged separately.

Simply, the cost of a wedding depends on your budget; generally the cost for dinner is counted on minimum number of guests guaranteed. Further, you may cut the cost by combining ceremonies or by picking an off season date.


From top palaces to contemporary hotels, Eva Events knows about Destination weddings in Jodhpur more than anyone else. Reason, the ethos to make you feel the sense of perfection with our magical touch is running across the team. Below is a list of top destination wedding venues in Jodhpur that are awarded as the most favorite sites by couples from across the geographies:

A Destination Wedding Planning Company in Jodhpur can help you find the luxurious refinement with professional touch, so what are you waiting for? Save the date and host a Destination wedding in this bright and sunny city, glittering in the course of the radiant Thar Desert.