Tie the Knots in the Sun City: Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

The evolving role of wedding planners underscores their indispensability in modern event planning. Our commitment to delivering exemplary services ensures a seamless and memorable wedding experience. Jodhpur's prominence as a wedding venue is further accentuated by the expertise of the best wedding planners in Jodhpur, meeting the increasing demand for their services.

Jodhpur, renowned as The Blue City, has emerged as a sought-after destination wedding in Jodhpur. A plethora of weddings in Jodhpur are expertly managed and overseen by Eva Events Global. The demand for wedding planners in Jodhpur is steadily rising, reflecting the city's growing popularity as a wedding destination.

Dreamy Jodhpur: Your Perfect Journey with the Best Wedding Planner in Jodhpur

If you're looking for the best wedding planner in Jodhpur for an unforgettable day, Then Eva Events Global is your ultimate choice. Renowned as the best wedding organizer in Jodhpur, they specialize in curating extraordinary weddings with unparalleled expertise. With a steadfast dedication to perfection and meticulous attention to detail, Eva Events Global ensures that your dream wedding becomes a splendid reality.

Eva Events Global takes immense pride in its esteemed recognition. With a dedicated team and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure your vision becomes a reality, from planning to execution, creating magical moments that last a lifetime.

From the moment you choose us the best marriage planner in Jodhpur, we embark on a journey to understand and actualize your vision. Every detail of your special day receives meticulous planning and precise execution. Our skilled designers and decorators transform your venue into an enchanting haven, weaving captivating decor and awe-inspiring designs that mesmerize both you and your guests.

Price of Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

The second largest city in the state Rajasthan, Jodhpur has become one of the most preferred locations for wedding destinations, as it only reflects the culture of valor, but also serves the chance to host fairytale weddings with tailored budgets. Few points to consider when talking about the cost of wedding in Jodhpur:

The best part of weddings in Jodhpur is that the top rated venues offer wedding packages that can be customized.

Generally speaking, a destination wedding in Jodhpur costs between 7-20 lakh per day celebration, which depends upon the selected venue.

A nominal wedding package will include banquet set up for two to three days’ function, décor, music, and reception dinner. Booking for hotel rooms and suites will be charged separately.

Simply, the cost of a wedding depends on your budget; generally the cost for dinner is counted on minimum number of guests guaranteed. Further, you may cut the cost by combining ceremonies or by picking an off season date.


As one of the leading event management companies in India, we take immense pride in orchestrating fairytale weddings that fulfill every bride's dreams, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and happiness.

Our essence lies in infusing a novel outlook into event design, collaborating closely with you to sculpt a distinctively sophisticated occasion. This dedication distinguishes us as the premier event planning company in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

With a diverse selection of venues in and around Jodhpur, we cater to your preferences with a wide range of choices. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we ensure to provide venues that align with your requirements. Let Eva Events Global orchestrate your dream wedding with flawless arrangements as you tie the knot. Contact us, your one-stop shop for finding the ideal destination and bringing your vision to life.

Our dedication surpasses client satisfaction, aiming to craft an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Let us elevate your wedding to unparalleled heights, embracing the luxury of exquisite venues under the guidance of Jodhpur's premier wedding organizer.

Wedding Decorators in Jodhpur - Eva Events Global

With the Eva Events Global team's exceptional planning talents, extensive industry network, and abundant resources, our dedicated production team at Eva Events Global, comprised of Jodhpur's best Caterer and finest decorator, is fully equipped to meticulously handle every aspect of your wedding, earning us the title of the premier event management company. Collaborating with a reliable network of trusted vendors in Jodhpur ensures that you receive impeccable services and high-quality products aligned perfectly with your vision. Regardless of your preferred aesthetic or budget, our staff, as the leading Wedding Decorator in Jodhpur, works closely with you to bring your dream wedding to life. If you're considering Jodhpur as your wedding destination, engaging the assistance of the best Caterer in Jodhpur is essential. We are committed to enhancing your big day by orchestrating a seamless and awe-inspiring celebration that beautifully reflects your unique love story, showcasing the captivating beauty of Jodhpur.

What makes Eva Events Global as the popular wedding planner company in Jodhpur

At our core belief, we hold that every facet of a wedding should mirror the couple's unique personality and style. Entrusting us with your special day guarantees nothing but perfection. Renowned as the top wedding organizers in Jodhpur, our team is committed to providing unmatched service and crafting indelible memories. With a well-earned reputation as the premier wedding organizer in Jodhpur, rely on us, the leading marriage planner in Jodhpur, to turn your dream wedding into a reality—an experience that you and your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime.

  • 1. From meticulous selection of color palettes to crafting exquisite floral arrangements, we ensure every detail contributes to an unforgettable experience.
  • 2. With an extensive network of trusted vendors, our best team delivers top-notch services, exceeding your expectations for your marriage day.
  • 3. Our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart. We strive for flawless execution, allowing you to savor every moment.
  • 4. Entrust us with managing logistics, coordinating vendors, and handling any unforeseen circumstances. As the premier marriage event planner in Jodhpur, we are your trusted partner throughout the planning process.
  • A Destination Wedding Planning Company in Jodhpur can help you find the luxurious refinement with professional touch, so what are you waiting for? Save the date and host a Destination wedding in this bright and sunny city, glittering in the course of the radiant Thar Desert.