We’d Love to Plan Probably the Biggest Day of Your Life- Team Eva Events

We are the luxury bespoke Wedding Organizers in Udaipur glad to steer you on the path full of fun and excitement. Wedding planning is quite a big challenge; overseeing all the essential elements and that too within a limited time frame is a thing of parallel universe, especially for couples who are working and just got engaged. This is why; team of the finest Wedding Management Company in Udaipur has rolled up the sleeves to plan graceful, classy, and stunning celebrations.


Ever thought what makes a big fat wedding ceremony a real success, or what are the secret ingredients to make it memorable? Of course it’s not the likelihood; it all comes together with a rigorous planning and an acute management. And, it’s our passion to get you the peace of mind attached to the events your envisioned. Long story short, as a Wedding planning company in Udaipur, we will guide you during three phases:

  • Wedding Design: The initial and most creative stage when we help you to develop a vision about your D-Day celebrations. It includes, style (Royal/Rustic/Contemporary), theme (Indian/Western), and décor (Color Scheme/Lighting) for your wedding.
  • Wedding Planning: Next comes the most labor intensive stage, where we work to fulfill the above listed expectations into reality. It includes, venues outsourcing, catering, and logistics. Basically, it’s when we eat, sleep and breathe creativity in our talks with the third party vendors.
  • Wedding Management: The secret sauce to success, it’s the final stage when you sit back and relax, while we have your back to make sure that your ideas are being executed in a glitch free manner and taken care of by the best Wedding Organizers.

Being a renowned Wedding Planning Company in Udaipur, we are often asked to merge all these steps to create tailor made weddings. Be it a contemporary beach style wedding, or an elegant Maharaja style wedding, we are trained enough to bring your ideas into life.

Wedding Planning: When to Seek Professional Help

We are passionate about the end results, thus there is no hard and fast rule to initiate the consultation in the order described above. We have positioned ourselves as the favorable Wedding Planning Company in Udaipur, and are experienced enough to guide you at any stage. Our works falls across two verticals to make things easier for you:

  • Full Services Wedding Planner: We will plan from the scratch and work as a hands on professional help which includes budget and time management.
  • A la Carte Wedding Services: We are also offering more personalized services to the couples, who wished to design their own weddings but need wedding day coordination services.

Wedding Planning: What are the Secret Ingredients

As a favorable Wedding Planning Company in Udaipur, we are backed with deep insight of the market, as so far more than 100 couples had showed faith in us. We have used our magical wand to make the celebrations a hit in form of these elements:

Eva Events is the Wedding Management Company in Udaipur backed with a team of specialists who seek for the elements that are just perfect for making your wedding planning experience full of fun. Get in touch to behold our style and efficiency results.

Happy Planning!